Bosna (sausage)

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Place of originAustria
Main ingredientsWhite bread, Bratwurst, onions, tomato ketchup, mustard, curry powder

Bosna (sometimes Bosner) is a spicy Austrian fast food dish, said to have originated in Salzburg. It is believed to have been invented in 1949 by a man named Zanko Todoroff.[1] It is now popular all over western Austria and southern Bavaria.

It resembles a hot dog, consisting mainly of a Bratwurst sausage, onions and a blend of mustard and/or tomato ketchup and curry powder (Curry ketchup). Bosna is made with white bread and is usually grilled briefly before serving.


Several variations of the dish exist:

  • Kleine Bosna (small bosna), with only one sausage
  • Große Bosna (large bosna), with two sausages
  • Kafka (named after Franz Kafka, Käsekrainer Bosna), with a different sausage type; generally a sausage with a different meat, more spice and cheese

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